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This page is being established as a resource for identification of hard corals in the Western part of the Indian Ocean (including the East African coast, central islands and banks), and including some sites in the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea. The relevance of the images and IDs should be broader, relating to the entire Western Indo-Pacific Realm (Spalding et al. 2007, Obura 2012), and transition into the Central Indo-Pacific Realm in the eastern parts of the Indian Ocean.

The full species list contained in Obura (2012), with new additions to that dataset is uploaded and can be seen in the "Working Taxonomy", but those taxa that have not had images added are pre-fixed with an asterisk (*), and as far as possible, filed under the "Pending taxa" menu item at the bottom of the taxonomy. Species with images are placed in correct systematic order, without asterisks, but depending on the level of completion of genera within a family, may be in genus or family level groups.

As far as possible, ongoing revisions to coral systematics are being incorporated as species are promoted from the "pending" to the current list. As a result, names in fhte "pending list" reflect old names, to be updated in the completed list.

The site is intended as a working site, so all comments are welcomed - as far as possible on the pages, but if not a principle comment form is available. If you have images that could be used, particularly showing different growth forms, or for species missing images, please also get in touch.

This is an ongoing project of CORDIO East Africa with the IUCN Coral Specialist Group, and supported by the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association's (WIOMSA) Marine Science for Management programme (MASMA), in 2012-2013, and by CORDIO East Africa. For any comments and feedback, please contact dobura at

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